Restoration and Rehabilitation

Winnie Gray LLC is in the process of completing a restoration and rehabilitation of the House in conformance with the standards set forth by the National Park Service, the Massachusetts Historical Commission, and the Mid Cambridge Neighborhood Conservation District Commission. Original elements such as internal decorative stairwells, Queen Anne windows, interior and exterior doors, slate roof, and ornamental features have been preserved. Replacement items such as windows and clapboards were reproduced with the same materials and specifications as those on the building in 1887.

Jason Korb, the principal of Winnie Gray LLC, also has a long family history in Cambridge that dates back to the Depression. Jason’s paternal grandfather was a constable in Cambridge for over 50 years and his father and aunt grew up in one of the oldest houses in the City. Jason currently resides in Cambridge with his fiancé and three cats, one of which includes Winnie.

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