Philip Munroe, a grocer on Hancock Street, constructed the house for himself and his son in 1887. The House is associated with Cambridge’s affiliation with Second Empire buildings with high mansard roofs that were modeled after the opulent architecture of Paris during the reign of Napoleon III.

An article from the Cambridge Tribune dated January 28, 1888 chronicles the construction:
Z. Hayden has about completed a two-story Mansard roof house on Maple avenue for Mr. Philip Munroe. It is designed for two families and will be occupied by Mr. Munroe and his son. The building is 28 x 30 feet, with two-story ell, 21×16. Each tenement has a parlor, sitting-room, dining-room and kitchen, with the necessary closets and pantry, while four attics are divided between the two. The house will cost about $6000. Reed was the plasterer, Brock the plumber, and J. Warren White the mason.

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